Heritage Farms is the perfect place for photos and videos! We invite you to capture memories while you are here, take the yearly traditional photos and enjoy them for years to come.

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Professional Photography

We invite professional and amateur photographers to schedule sessions at Heritage Farms. We offer reasonable rates for photographers who wish to take photographs and video on the farm. Sessions must be reserved with advance payment.  

We have 11 areas to be used on the farm for photography sessions and they are available on a first come, first serve basis. Photography sites will not be reserved ahead of time. Please be sure to plan ahead, it is not possible for us to accommodate last minute requests.  

Safety is our priority. Therefore, all photographers must complete and return to Heritage Farms a consent form before entering the farm photography sites for a session or they must reschedule their session(s). Please use the form below or call for inquiries and scheduling.

Available Session Dates

Sessions must be scheduled at least three days in advance. A session is considered one Photography Group for a minimum of two hours. 

The following weekend dates are available to be reserved for photography sessions:

May 1 through September 8
October 22 & 25; and October 31 & November 1
November 7 & 8; 14 & 15; and 16 & 17

Please use the photography session request form or call Carol at 330-657-2330 for available dates and times.

Photography Session Pricing

We really do love having photographers and their clients at our farm. We’ve learned over the years that it does take staff time to coordinate photographers both ahead of time as well as on the day of your photo shoot, so we require the following nominal fees for photography sessions at the farm. Fees must be paid at the time of reservation and are non-refundable. You may pay with credit card of PayPal at the time your session date and time is confirmed.

Weekends (May 1 to September 8, the last weekend of October and the first three weekends of November.

One - 2-hour session: $55
One - 4-hour session: $100
One - 6-hour session: $150
One - 8-hour session: $200

Please Note: Additional time beyond scheduled session is charged at $40.00 per hour. 

Weekday sessions are available upon request and approval at the listed rates.

On-site photography sample provided by StudioSPC

On-site wedding photography samples provided by: Marissa Decker Photography

Photography Sites

HF Photo Sites F

View PDF of Photography Sites

Photography Session Request

Our request process is as follows:

Step 1: Fill in the Form Below to Request the availability of your desired Sites, Dates and Time.

Step 2: We will review your request and confirm availability by phone or email ASAP.

Step 3: Upon confirmation of availability of your requested date and site, we will provide you with the Heritage Farms Photography Request and Agreement form along with directions for completing payment.

Step 4: Complete the Heritage Farms Photography Request and Agreement Form, confirming your acceptance of our policies and rules to accompany payment. Email the form to Carol Haramis.

Photography Session Request Form